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“This experience has been eye opening, liberating, scary, emotional, maddening and amazing–the total combination, exhilarating. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything!” – Sarah, Administrative Guru




Or, as my Mom says, it is “Learning to use the best of who you are to become the best of who you want to be!” Right on, Mom!

Who hires a coach?


Who hires a coach?

All sorts of folks hire personal life and career coaches: athletes and artists, executives and healers, students and teachers, entrepreneurs and cultural creatives, and the list goes on. My clients are involved in many different professional fields and personal pursuits. They come to coaching to focus on a variety of life areas: personal and spiritual growth, career, health and wellness, relationships, financial–and to bring these areas into harmonic balance.

The thread that ties these unique individuals together is that they value their life and want to make the most of it. They want meaning and authenticity. And, they recognize that it’s important–as well as more powerful and effective–to have support and structure along the way. That’s where coaching comes in.

My coaching clients are also:


Coaching Options


Coaching Options

Ready to jump in with both feet–or even get your big toe damp?

Test Drive — Interested in coaching and not sure if it is for you? Find out! Contact me to schedule a 30 minute phone session to explore life coaching and how it can impact you. FREE

Discovery Session — This 2 hour session allows you and I to begin our coaching relationship together with a strong foundation. During this session, we will co-design the relationship to best serve you. We will clarify what you want out of coaching and create a unique and individualized structure for our work together. $300

Personal Life Coaching — Designed and scheduled to fit your needs and preferences, you will have 2-4 coaching sessions per month either in person or over the phone. E-mail check-ins between sessions–to continue the conversation, the momentum and the growth–are also included. $300/month

Reiki – Energy work rooted in Eastern spirituality—what I’ve been taught is a blend of Japanese and Tibetan forms.  The ‘ki’ in reiki is energy/life force, so the work is to lift the ‘ki’ of the client and to get it moving through the energy centers (chakras) in the body to promote healing and wellbeing (physical, mental, and spiritual). Sessions are an hour in length. $40/session.

Power of Purpose – Life begins when you start LIVING it. In short, The Power of Purpose is a radical personal effectiveness course that awakens and empowers you to identify and claim your purpose in life. Through the 5-week course, you will learn to:
Identify your wants and priorities in all areas of life.
Notice and uncover the motivations that move you to action (or inaction).
Realize ways to express your deepest life purposes in ordinary everyday tasks.
Transform your effectiveness and stimulate your ability to create the life you want.
Be in touch for additional information about upcoming sessions. If you have a group (community, church, business, your best friends, etc.) that you believe would benefit from a big dose of purpose, let’s talk. We can schedule a course specifically for your group.

Scholarships and Getting Creative – Want a coach and feel that my standard rates are a bit out of reach at present? My intention is to make coaching accessible and remove barriers to its availability. As such, I make partial scholarships available on a limited basis—and I am open to creatively addressing payment. Please contact me to chat about options.

Gretchen’s Clients Say…


Gretchen’s Clients Say…

Gretchen did such a great job of meeting me right where I was in my life. She brought so much energy, humor, and insight to each call. It was invaluable and fun. A journey well worth taking.

– Angie, Life Coach

Creativity and perspective are now invaluable parts of my life. Thank you for sharing one of the most amazing spiritual/emotional times of my life. Helping to keep me strong and moving forward. With you, I have learned to look a little deeper, appreciate a little more, and have faith in feeling.

– Nancy., Geneticist

I felt really lost, like I didn’t know when and where to start my life. Gretchen helped me so much! I was finally able to start seeing myself clearly, and to start doing the things that make me happy. There is no greater gift than that happiness!

– Colleen, Lawyer



I had a fantastic experience with coaching, and especially with Gretchen. Having done some more traditional therapy in the past, I was really ready for something more energetic, progressive, and proactive, and that is exactly what I got. Gretchen was an enthusiastic and insightful coach, and the things we worked on really stuck with me, enabling me to actively refocus my energy and move forward through some pretty big stumbling blocks in my way. Made me feel like I could conquer anything.


– Kim, Educator/Graduate Student



About Gretchen Carlson


About Gretchen Carlson

Gretchen CarlsonMy path has not been the shortest distance between two points. It has a wandering nature with a fair number of tangents. I like it that way. My work has plunked me down in a variety of settings–from the friendliest face at the DMV to the respite and resource for crime victims to the head fairy godmother for Make-A-Wish Minnesota to the organizational empath and career coach for undergraduates and recent grads at fahrenHEIGHT360 to an Academic Advisor, Trainer and Coach at Capella University–with a fair number of pit stops in between. And I’m engaged in my greatest adventure yet–my own gig as a life coach!

I’ve also taken the wonderful insights and experience gained through coaching and applied it to travel. Voila–Evolution Through Vacation. Check it out!

What’s at the heart of all these experiences? I’ve learned about meeting people where they are at, with the knowledge that people want to and can be bigger than they are. I’m here to call out the greatness in people–to call them back to themselves. I challenge and experiment and poke and play with ideas, assumptions, and reality. I ask questions because I don’t know the answers–and I’m intrigued. I boldly hold the vision that when people decide to live authentically, our world will be transformed.

What grabs me: love, choice, learning, compassion, music, dance, spirit, color, energy, authenticity, irreverence, good humor, bold friends, my backyard oasis, engaging chats, grandma emma (my sea kayak), witty folks, pub quiz, courageous acts, openness, silence, the unexpected, road trips…oh, and there’s more where that came from…

Interested in degrees, qualifications, and affiliations? Here’s a brief synopsis: 

B.A. Social Studies and Secondary Education, Summa Cum Laude University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN 

M.A. Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Life Coaching Certification

Adler Graduate School, Bloomington, MN

Minnesota Coaches Association, member

2007 Board Member and Co-Lead for the Social Action, Learning, and Transformation Committee

International Coach Federation, member

Reiki Master

Licensed Power of Purpose Mentor
Kairos/More to Life Foundation


Let’s Connect


I would love to work with you!

Let’s Connect

While I am based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I have coached folks in other cities, other states, and even other countries. Distance need not be a barrier with coaching. How great is that?!

If you like what you see/hear/feel on my site, I invite you to be in touch! Ask a question. Share an insight. Get started with coaching.

Here’s how you can do just that:


phone:  612.599.0390


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